Wednesday, January 5, 2011

i never wanted anything from you, except everything you had.

hello there! i have been thinking on how i want to re-do my room but im not quite sure how i want thinking of teal/brown or purple/teal.

i also cant help but daydream about me having an alcove bed! or a "reading nook" as its referred to sometimes!
isnt that amazing?
and this is as well....while both are possible for my room it will be a lot of work to i cant do for lack of know how and work my step father wont do because its time consuming.

my bedroom is an attic so it has an almost "tee-pee" shape. its hard to get furniture in there to fit against the wall.  i had to buy a really short 3 shelf bookshelf  just so i can put it against my wall and not in the middle of the damn floor!

also any suggestions to a better way to keep things in order, because my room get messy quickly and for long periods of would be much help!

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