Wednesday, January 26, 2011

please motivate me

how can i motivate myself to workout and eat right????? i am horrid at this

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

vegetarian or not? you make it hard to tell.....

so i am a vegetarian, who eats meat on occasion....which makes me feel like a liar. i say how horrible it is to eat animals but then if im out with certain friends ill eat meat if we go out, and sometimes if im realllly craving something filling i eat it at home.

how can a better myself as a vegetarian? do i need to watch meet your meat daily??? because i hate that.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

i never wanted anything from you, except everything you had.

hello there! i have been thinking on how i want to re-do my room but im not quite sure how i want thinking of teal/brown or purple/teal.

i also cant help but daydream about me having an alcove bed! or a "reading nook" as its referred to sometimes!
isnt that amazing?
and this is as well....while both are possible for my room it will be a lot of work to i cant do for lack of know how and work my step father wont do because its time consuming.

my bedroom is an attic so it has an almost "tee-pee" shape. its hard to get furniture in there to fit against the wall.  i had to buy a really short 3 shelf bookshelf  just so i can put it against my wall and not in the middle of the damn floor!

also any suggestions to a better way to keep things in order, because my room get messy quickly and for long periods of would be much help!